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What We Do

Our Impact

Our local, regional, and national impact.

Central Plains Center for Services annually supports hundreds of youth, young adults, and families in Nebraska through its Coaching, Educational, and Financial Leadership services. In 2023, Central Plains served over 2,400 youth across all programs. These programs have been instrumental in helping youth who have experienced foster care, homelessness, and pregnancy and/or parenting. Youth are connected with a professional, caring coach who is committed to the youth and helps them set and achieve goals related to the youth's successful transition to adulthood. An impressive 92% of youth who utilize the services offered by Central Plains reach their goals and leave the program in a better position than when they arrived, with many on track to successfully achieve independence. The youth served by Central Plains have accomplished significant milestones such as moving into their own apartments, purchasing homes, entering careers that pay livable wages, acquiring safe and reliable transportation, paying off debts, and investing in their future. Additionally, many have enrolled, persisted, and completed postsecondary programs, with some even going on to earn master's degrees.

The positive outcomes of our work are not just tangible; they also ignite a transformative journey for young people. This journey boosts their confidence, self-esteem, and trust, enabling them to form meaningful connections with others and, in turn, improve their personal, familial, and community well-being. Many of the young people served by Central Plains experience a significant internal change as they become interested in contributing to initiatives that benefit and advocate for others who have experienced similar experiences. They seek to enhance their leadership skills and work with their coach to participate in activities such as conference presentations, panels, youth boards, advisory committees, and other opportunities where they can give back to their communities.

These efforts demonstrate how Central Plains directly impacts those we serve and indirectly impacts those who are connected to youth, such as family and communities. Our work has not only been recognized but also highlighted at many local, regional, and national conferences where our talented team sit on panels, present at breakout sessions, and contribute to larger initiatives happening across the country to improve the outcomes of system-involved youth. Our work has also been highlighted in the following research briefs from highly reputable national organizations that are committed to advancing cutting-edge strategies to uplift vulnerable communities.