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Sixpence – Custer County Nebraska

Program contact: Please contact Andra White at for more information. 

Early Childhood Program for prenatal to 3 years old - Made possible by the collaborative efforts of Broken Bow Public Schools & Central Plains Center for Services

Sixpence works to help caregivers and parents provide safe, stimulating environments that spark learning through meaningful interactions. By investing in the early years we ensure that children in Nebraska have the best opportunity to succeed in school and throughout life. We do this by providing a Parent Educator to coach and encourage you in learning more about their own child their age-appropriate development.

 “I feel like I have an awesome support system, and I am prepared to help my child for the greatest success in school.”

Are you ready to make the biggest impact on your child’s life?

The Facts: 

Babies are born with all the brain cells (aka neurons) they’ll ever have — about 100 billion of them. But during the first year, those neurons will be connecting with one another double-time, creating trillions of synapses, which are the basis for your child’s understanding of the world. After just 12 months, your baby’s brain will double in size — at no other time will so many neuronal connections be made, so take advantage.

Do I Qualify for Sixpence? 

You and your child may be eligible for the Sixpence Program if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Premature Birth or Low Birth Weight
  • Family’s income qualifies you for participation in federal, free or reduced lunch program.
  • You, the parent, are 19 or younger.
  • Main language spoken is something other than English
  • High School education has not been completed.

What does Sixpence Offer?

  • Personal Home Visits
  • Development Screenings
  • Family Socializations
  • Child School Readiness