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YHDP-Youth Homeless Demonstration Project

Mission: Helping youth find permanent housing and personal sustainability

Program Contacts:

YHDP is a funded partnership program between Central Plains Center for Services and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designed to drastically reduce the number of youth experiencing homelessness. Central Plains provides coaching and homeless diversion and prevention services through this partnership as part of YHDP. YHDP utilizes the All Doors Lead Home Coordinated Entry System to provide a coordinated approach to identify individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness and offer individualized solutions to prevent and end their homelessness.

Eligible youth populations include those youth ages 24 and under who are literally homeless, “couch surfing”, fleeing violence, or who are at imminent risk of homelessness. In 2018, the Nebraska Balance of State CoC was selected as a Round 2 YHDP demonstration community, and in 2022 the Lincoln CoC was selected as a Round 4 YHDP demonstration community.  Upon completion of the two year demonstration phase, each award is renewed under the respective Nebraska CoC.  YHDP is currently available across the entire Nebraska Balance of State and the City of Lincoln.

Central Plains offers two YHDP-funded projects. These projects include:

  1. Coaching: Central Plains Center for Services provides one on one, youth-driven, strength-based Coaching to all eligible YHDP youth across the Nebraska Balance of State and in the city of Lincoln through our Coaching Model. This coaching model emphasizes each young person has a safe and reliable place to call home; healthy connections to family, community, school, and social networks; education, training, and employment opportunities; permanent connections; and social/emotional well being. 
  2. Rapid Response:  Central Plains’ provides a YHDP Rapid Response project that functions both as a diversion program, preventing youth that are not yet in a literally homeless situation from ever entering, and as a rapid rehousing program to quickly move those youth that are recently homeless into permanent housing. This allow us to specifically focus on those youth that need short-term but immediate rental assistance and support assistance in order to avoid entering a critical homeless situation.

Hear Directly From Youth

  • Central Plains provided me with a Coach right in my community who helped me find housing resources that were safe and affordable and partnered that with coaching to provide me the life skills I needed to make sure the progress I made was sustainable. My coach was always helpful and respectful and actually someone who cared about me, my future, and my goals. My coach helped me recognize that I am smart, I am capable, I am hard working, and I am a good mom." - Myeshia (age 19).